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Who We Are

Lucy McGoron, Ph.D.

Dr. McGoron has a doctoral degree in Applied Developmental Psychology from the University of New Orleans. Dr. McGoron has worked with parents and children in a variety of settings including mental health settings, foster care, and child care. She has also been involved in multiple research projects focused on understanding the role parents play in young children’s development. Dr. McGoron is an assistant professor at Wayne State University’s Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute for Child & Family Development. She is passionate about providing parents with access to research-based information about parenting and young children’s development.

Steven Ondersma, Ph.D.

Dr. Ondersma has a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Wayne State University and is a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of Michigan. Dr. Ondersma has worked with children and adults in a variety of clinical settings, including working with parents and young children. Dr. Ondersma’s research focuses on using technology to benefit parents and children. He has created and evaluated multiple technology-based programs for parents. 

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