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Make sure your child is getting needed sleep by having a regular bedtime and bedtime routine every day

Making the Most out of Bedtime

  • Bedtime can be great quality time for you and your child.

  • Having a regular routine and a regular bedtime can make bedtime easier on you and your child.

  • Here are some ideas about making the most out of bedtime:

    • Avoid TV an hour before bedtime

    • Make the transition to bedtime quiet and calming - use a quiet and calm voice, play relaxing music, or use a white noise machine

    • Bedtime is great for READING to your child!

    • Bedtime is also great times for showing AFFECTION (giving hugs, kisses, saying "I love you")

  • If your child has problems (for example, having a very hard time falling asleep), check out the "Problem Solving" part of this page and be sure to talk to your child's doctor for additional help

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