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Follow a bedtime routine every day

Why it Matters

  • Young children need lots of sleep, but sleep is a challenge for many families.

  • Young children often do not know when they need sleep or how much sleep they need.

  • Sleep is important for children's brain development.

  • Not getting enough sleep can make it hard for children to pay attention, work hard, listen, and behave well.  Children that do not sleep enough may have tantrums or be in a bad mood.  These problems can lead to problems at school.

  • You can help your child get enough sleep!

  • Have a regular bedtime and time to wake up.

  • Follow a bedtime routine to help your child calm down at sleep time.

  • Reading a book at bedtime is a great part of a bedtime routine.

  • Visit our "Making a Plan" page for ideas on how to create a bedtime routine!

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