What is School Readiness and

Why Does it Matter?

  • Starting school creates challenges for children

  • "School readiness" is a term for skills that help children do well when they start school.

  • School readiness skills include:

    • A strong vocabulary

    • An early understanding of letters and numbers

    • Being able to sit and focus

    • Patience

    • Cooperation with adults

    • Being able to stay calm when frustrated

  • These are things that YOU can help your child with now.  Check out the rest of this website for steps you can take.

5 Brief, Daily Parenting Activites to Promote School Readiness

  • There are lost of things you can do to help your young child with school readiness.  We know most parents are very busy, however, put together 5 brief activities you can do each day to help your child with school readiness.


  1. Read at least one book a day to your child. Reading only takes a few minutes, but it is so important!

  2. Play with your child for at least 10 minutes a day. Play is a great time for learning. Let your child pick what you play and show you are having a great time.

  3. Eat at least one meal a day together. Mealtime is a great time for talking with your child.

  4. Say something to show your child affection or praise every day. Praise and affection help build your child's positive emotional development.

  5. Ensure children get enough sleep by having a regular bedtime (and naptime, if needed) and having a regular bedtime routine. Children need enough sleep to do their best and behave well!


  • If you choose to start doing these activities with your child, the rest of this website can help you get started and problem solve.

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