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Read at least one book to your child every day

Making a Plan

Tell your child about your plan to read to him or her each day!


When will you read to your child?

  • Reading to your child only takes a few minutes a day, so there are likely multiple times in the day you could fit in a book.

  • Consider having books available to your child around the house.  You may find your child starts bringing books up to you to read.

  • Reading a book could be a good way to end special playtime with your child.  Check out the "Playing" part of this webpage for more information about special playtime.

  • Bedtime is probably the best time to read!  Reading can get your child to slow down and relax.  Reading books together in bed can be great quality time for you and your child.  If you want to read books as part of a bedtime routine, decide how many books you will do each night.  Check out the "Sleep" part of this website for more information about bedtime routines.


What will you read?

  • There are so many great books available!  Check out the "What to Read" section of this webpage.

  • Give your child the option to pick which books you read each day.

  • Consider making a trip to the library a regular activity each week and let your child pick new books each week.


Can you think of problems you will face to read daily?



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