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Read at least one book to your child every day

Why it Matters

Why It Matters
  • Reading out loud matters!

  • Reading out loud helps children learn LOTS of written and spoken words, which can help with school.

  • Reading is a fun, special time with your child.  It helps you have a positive relationship.

  • Make reading time fun!  Talk about the pictures, make up stories, laugh together, and ask your child questions.

  • Reading together does not need to be time consuming.  Reading only takes a few minutes a day (see "Making a Plan").

  • Reading together does not need to be expensive.  Get books from the library or an inexpensive store (see "Making a Plan").

  • Make daily reading part of every day with your child.

  • Not sure what to read with your child? Take a look at our "What to Read" page for ideas!

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