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Have 10 minutes of special play time with your child every day

What to Play

It is best to let your child pick what you play and how you play it.  There are some toys and games, however, that are best to promote a strong relationship between you and your child and your child's school readiness.


  • Encourage your child to AVOID these during your special playtime:

    • Video games

    • Board games

    • Sports - basketball, soccer, etc.

    • Games that encourage aggression (using play swords or guns, soldier figures)

    • Rough and tumble play

    • Television


  • The toys below promote interaction and school readiness.  Give your child a few CHOICES about which of these he or she would like to play:

    • Blocks, Legos, and other building toys

    • Dolls, dollhouse

    • Tinker Toys

    • Mr. Potato Head

    • Pretend kitchen toys

    • Puzzles

    • Toy cars,

    • Crayons, markers, and paper

    • Play-doh

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