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Have 10 minutes of special play time with your child every day

Making a Plan

Here are some ideas about what to plan for having regular playtime with your child

When will you play with your child?

  • Having about the same time to play with your child each day can help him or her feel secure and confident that there will be time with you. It may even help your child be more independent at other times of the day as he or she will know they do not have to work hard to get your undivided attention.


What will you play?

  • While all play with your child is GREAT, some toys and activities lead to better parent-child play. 

  • Be sure to check out the "What to Play" section of this webpage.


Where will you play?

  • You will be most successful having playtime with your child in a calm place-away from TV, your phone, and other family members.

You may wonder how to get started having daily playtime with your child
  • Tell your child you are going to make time to play with him or her every day.  When it is playtime, tell your child you can play with him or her for about 10 minutes or so. 

  • It is fine to start out just watching your child play-then dive in and try to have fun!

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