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Sit and share at least one meal with your child every day

Making a Plan

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you are planning to start having a meal once a day with your child!


What meal will you have with your child?

  • Try to pick a mealtime when you know you and your child are both home most days. If your schedule is jam packed or constantly changing, your mealtime with your child may have to change regularly too.

  • Communicate with your child about when you will share meals together each day.


Where will you eat together?

  • Sitting around a table together can help bring about conversations with your child. It can also help your child learn table manners and practice staying in one spot.

  • If you do not have a table, however, don’t worry! You can still have nice family meals sitting on the couch or even all sitting on the floor. The important thing is that you are together.


What will you eat?

  • Planning meals out for the week can help you save time on busy days.

  • Check out the “What to Eat” section of this webpage for specific suggestions.


How can you get your child involved?

  • Letting your child help can give them a big sense of pride! Maybe he or she could help set the table, get things out of the fridge, or help you mix or stir?


What snacks will your child have throughout the day?

  • Plan for successful meals by limiting the amount of snacking your child does throughout the day.

  • If your child snacks too much he or she may not be hungry at mealtime.






Click here for an easy step-by-step guide to meal planning!

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