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Brilliant Detroit Families! 
The 5-a-Day Parenting Program is a resource available to you! The program focuses on building children's school readiness.  It can all be done on a Smartphone. Here is how it works: 
1. Go though a short interactive program. This can be done on a Smartphone, tablet, or computer. If you have an iPhone, you will be prompted to get an App to make the program work. It is free and should be quick and easy. Problems? Contact Dr. Lucy McGoron at or text message 313-806-4414. 
2. You will get text messages sent to your phone. You will receive 4 weeks of text messages 3 times per week. 
3. Through the text messages, you can watch short videos to help promote your child's school readiness and help you meet your goals.
Ready to spend a few minutes today to get started? 
Click here or the picture below.  
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