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Find a small way to show your child affection every day

Making the Most out of Affection

  • There are lots of things you can say and do to show affection.

  • The phrase "I love you" is a universal way to show someone affection.  Regularly saying "I love you" to your child can help him or her feel connected to you.

  • You can also show praise to promote your child's best behavior.  Giving praise for very specific things your child does encourages your child to do that behavior again.

    • For example, saying "Thank you for putting your dish in the sink," lets your child know that you like what he or she did and encourages your child to put dirty dishes in the sink in the future.

    • "You are doing a great job sitting and waiting so patiently!" encourages your child's patience.

    • Using this kind of praise every day can really help your child behave well!

  • Praising your child's effort and hard work encourages more effort and hard work in the future - which is so important for school readiness!

    • For example, saying "You worked really hard coloring this picture!" lets your child know you value hard work.

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