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5-a-Day Parenting Program

For parents of all young children - even the really busy ones

5-a-Day Parenting is a program made to encourage parents of young children to do five activities every day that will help children do well once they start school.  We know parents are busy - so we came up with things you can do in just short amounts of time every day.  We know most parents aren't doing these things every day, and want to help you find a way to do them and overcome any problems.  We recommend you start to add each activity every 1-2 weeks.  Spend some time each day looking at information on the webpage.  If you are already doing these activities (or once you start doing them), we hope to help you make the most of this time.

Start exploring the 5-a-Day Parenting Program by clicking one of these activities!


Here you can review school readiness and how you can help your child!
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